The very last chance to support Frollein Europa!

A little Update from Brussels and a very last chance to support Frollein Europa.

I’m the fifth day in Europe’s capital now and I really enjoy it. I already had several interviews mit MEPs and still have some. Tomorrow I’ll meet Daniel Cohn Bendit.  You’ll get an update on that for sure! I just moved to a new place, but this time I hopefully stay a little longer. The last days I changed hosts every second night which is a great opportunity to meet new people but also quite exhausting…  Now I stay with some people I met on a birthday few days ago and they were kind enough to offer me a place to stay for the time left in Brussels. I’ll write that story down too and share it with you!

If you liked my project so far and maybe enjoyed the blog I would be really grateful for a little support at  Just five more hours to go and 375€ more needed… Please twitter or share the project on facebook also if you have the possiblity to do so.


Thank you so much and see you soon,


your frollein Europa



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