Instead of my diary…

Yesterday, I wrote in German about my experiences at Gezi-Park during the last days. The post covers why Gezi-Park won my heart, what the protester want and how I got heavily teargazed on tuesday. I planned to translate my post into English as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do so. Nobody knows how much longer I will be able to do interviews at Gezi-Park and that’s why I spend every free minute there. If I’m not at Gezi-Park I’m transcribing my Interviews, reviewing my pictures or trying to share new information on facebook and twitter. Luckly, a tweet just leaded me to Zeynep Tufkcis blog. Her last days experiences have been surprisingly similare to mine and she explains the reasons for protesting way better than I do. Please have a look at her post “What do #occupygezi Protesters Want? My Observations from Gezi Park” .
The next english post will be a selfwritten one again, I promise!

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