“Pepperspray us and we still see the unfairness”

Actually, I planned to post four articles about the daily life in Gezi within the next days. To rehear my interviews from the last days has become something spooky now. Where all the laughing, music and dancing took place is now a empty nomensland, “protected” by police.

Yesterday evening the police started to clear Gezi Park. I was very lucky to not accidently be there because the brutaliy reached new levels and I was scared already last week… They gazed childred and a hotel, which was used as a hospital. Since I wasn’t there I can’t give you any first-hand information at this time.  But the German TV channel ZDF has a really good report on yesterday evening. Some of some imagines might be really shocking, it contains police brutality and injured people. It’s english subtiltled.

Even though my articles about the daily life in Gezi now have a slightly bitter tast I’ll continue to post them in the next days. I really want to show you how beautiful it has been and what people are able to do if they unite. I believe this isn’t the end. Protests will go on. I’m just scared that Erdogan might have destroyed the peaceful and creative atmosphere the protests had so far, for good.

SAM_0116One of the last picutures I have been taking in Gezi-Park.

2 thoughts on ““Pepperspray us and we still see the unfairness”

  1. Looking forward to your English posts and pictures about Gezi. Comments from non-Turkish people on Gezi life is very interesting for me. Since they are not part of Turkey’s internal politics and various groups, they shed a different light that reflects, I believe, the very essence of what happened there.

    Thanks for your work.

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