Taksim on Day Five

This morning my head was filled with pictures from bloody people, teargas clouds and a destroyed city. Headlines like “War-zone Taksim” buzzed around my head. I expected to see a wasted no man’s land once I would enter the Taksim-Area.
Quite the opposite happened.

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#occupy gezi

The text is written in a great hurry. Actually, I planned to write a little introduction to Frollein Europa being in Turkey first but the news crossed my plan. Please try to don’t mind the language mistakes while reading. 

I’m sitting in a shopping center. If I would lift my eyes from the laptop screen I’d probably see the sunshine and ask myself “what I’m doing here?”. But I don’t lift my eyes. Instead I’m pressing the reload-page button again and again. Is twitter down? Or is my internet connection just really slowl? Does facebook work?

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