How I once became an involuntarily campain aide.


How I once met twenty amazing young Europeans.

As a child, have you ever been waiting for Christmas very much because you wanted a certain gift you wished for really badly? And than, when Christmas came you did not get what you wanted but something your parents considered more useful? And than again, have you ever grown to like the other present way more then whatever shiny thing you wanted to have?

Well, I was this child a few days ago in Rome.

When I won the EFS competition I was very excited about the chance to interview Mister Schulz. If at all, I wasted very little thoughts on the other participants of the event. When I thought about the interview before going to Rome I imagined it more or less to be like the interviews I had in Brussels a year ago. Just that this time I’d be more knowledgeable and it would be live in the internet and on TV, so no more vague politician-talk!
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